Deca Day 3

Day 3

People coming down to support has been fantastic…massive thanks.

Finding things very tough now. Right foot (arch) and left calf very painful. I’m also going to lose a toe nail on my left foot. Compede, ibuprofen and zinc tape.

With Rachael’s amazing support, I’m managing my hydration well and yesterday involved lots more stopping for real food unlike the first day. This made me feel better but eats in to your sleep – five hours last night.

It’s 4.45, bike needs racking in 30mins then wetsuit on and waddle to the water. The swim is the nicest bit by far as no-one is trying to kick anyone’s head in.

The bike is quick if you gun it and I can stay aero for 90% of it. Burley village is deadly and you have to be prepared mantally for all the stops caused by tractors, OAPs, BMW drivers and the wild ponies and cows.

The run is brutal, very little flat and if it ain’t uphill it’s down which means your feet and knees take a pounding on very uneven ground.

The event is fantastic and the crew can’t do enough for us. The course is a different matter and there were big concerns about the drop out rate. People are still finishing at 1.30am..!!! It’s that tough.

More soon…

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