Deca Swim Course

This is the lake that will host the Deca Swim Course. It will be a square circuit of just over 300m which means 12 laps or 120 laps over the course of the 10 day event.

It’s a beautiful course but does have its dangers:

A family of Canadian geese nesting in the swim exit..!

A family of Canadian geese nesting in the swim exit..!

I’m not sure this family of Canadian geese is going to appreciate triathletes thrashing around it’s lake.

Canadian geese set off to patrol the swim course

Canadian geese set off to patrol the swim course

Wraysbury Open Water Swim Training

Once upon a time, I’d be asleep at 7am on a Sunday morning the inevitable hangover waiting to pounce. Now, I’m on an early train heading for Wraysbury Dive Centre to coach recreational and triathlete swimmers. Such is the attraction of open water swimming.

I’ll be supporting Serpentine swim coach, Stephanie Ellis working with swimmers to improve their open water confidence, safety, sighting, drafting, swimming in a group, turning, entry and exits.

It’s very intimidating at first but with time and the right support swimming in fresh non-chlorinated waters makes the Sunday morning effort worthwhile. In fact, I find it difficult to get back in the pool during the week.

If you’d like to try open water swimming at a location around London then drop me a line.

Children have a Right To Play

Like the majority of us, I was fortunate to grow up in a relatively safe and loving environment and nothing made me happier than having a good kick about with my friends.

Unfortunately, not every child growing up today is as fortunate as I was, which is why have chosen to support Right To Play.

Children develop through play

Children develop through play

Right To Play work in 20 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America implementing programs designed to develop basic life skills, prevent diseases, teach conflict resolution and instil hope in children affected by war, poverty and disease.

Earlier this week, I met with them to learn more about their work, meet the UK team and thankfully discover it’s not all about football..!!!

I have achieved so much through sport over recent years and believe play is the basic right of every child.

Deca Run Course

The Deca run course is picturesque but 26 laps per day (260 laps for the 10 day duration of the event) may just make this an interesting mental challenge as well.

The run course

The run course
From the run course...nice spot.

From the run course…nice spot.
Run Course

Run Course
Run course

Run course
Run Course

Run Course

Given the size of the grounds in which the event is taking place, I’m a bit surprised that a one mile lap was used. However, with it being a small event (in participant and spectator numbers) it will keep the event tight and support close.

My initial thoughts having just run around the one mile loop:

The course is not without its dangers too, which should make things interesting…

Canadian geese on the run course...they get really annoyed if you try to overtake..!

Canadian geese on the run course…they get really annoyed if you try to overtake..!

As well as the wildlife, there are other obstacles…not quite so large…

Beauty is only fern deep...below this...Enduro marbles..!

Beauty is only fern deep…below this…Enduro marbles..!
Enduro marbles...pack a sweeping brush..!

Enduro marbles…pack a sweeping brush..!
Enduro marbles...close up.

Enduro marbles…close up.

And last, but by no means least…

Oh yeah...and some roots for good measure :-)

Oh yeah…and some roots for good measure :-)

Quality Signage..!!!

Cycle training just off the Great Ocean Road around Torquay (near Bells Beach), I thought this signage was worth a mention.

I like the message of sharing the road…it’s a nice idea. However, in the UK, I think we need something stronger reminding drivers that Road Tax hasn’t existed since 1937 and that car owners (myself included) pay Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), which varies according to the emissions produced by the vehicle. Road building and maintenance is financed from other taxation.

So, why are cyclists still hated?

10 reasons to love cyclists