How much flexibility do you need?

Life happens and some people need more flexibility than others. I specialize in planning around your busy life. My aim is to reassure you that if you travel a lot, have a family or work throws you a curve ball from time to time, then you can be confident that I will change your training to fit around your circumstances and keep you on track.

Which sport(s)?

With coaching experience and qualifications in different sports, I offer single or multisport plans. I train swimmers (short course/long course/open water), runners (road/trail/ultra), cyclists (recreational/sportives/road races/criteriums) and triathletes. There tends to be more data to analyze in multisport than single disciplines but again we can discuss whether you or I do this analysis. It’s about offering you flexible pricing.

How often do you want to discuss your training?

My preference would be to chat weekly. Most of my athletes like a 30-minute video call that includes the past week’s training, the future week’s training and any changes on the horizon. We supplement the weekly calls with regular emails and daily WhatsApp Q&As. The amount of contact is up to you but I believe coaching is about communication so I encourage athletes to be curious and ask lots of questions.

What planning format do you use?

I’m happy to use whatever you’re using now. Whether that’s pen and paper, excel spreadsheet or one of the many online platforms, such as Golden Cheetah, Xert, Strava, Garmin Connect, etc. Most of my athletes use TrainingPeaks (their account is linked to my coaching account), but I’m happy to work with whatever you prefer. I can set this up for you or you may already use an application.

What other support can you offer?

Some of my athletes want additional focus on their nutrition or weight loss and I support them with this. If I can’t provide the solution myself I tap into the knowledge of my support network that includes the leading sports coaches in psychology, nutrition, injury, etc. I will have likely come across your situation or I can access the support you/we need. This is an important consideration when choosing a coach. How extensive is their coaching network?

Yes, but what about some numbers? Okay, if you insist…here’s a starting point for negotiation…

Single sport coaching starts from AUD $135 (GBP £75, US $100) per month.

Multi-sport coaching starts from AUD $170 (GBP £95, US $125) ) per month.

There is a one month cancellation period for all accounts.

What next?

Give me a call, send me a text an email whatever you prefer. Let me know as little or as much as you want, what you’re looking for and I’ll get in touch so we can chat about what’ll be best for you. It’s a $50 consultation all about you and your sport for free 🙂