ITU Gold Coast 2018 bike video

Youtube video – ITU Gold Coast 2018 Age Group bike course

ITU Gold Coast 2018 bike video

ITU Gold Coast 2018 bike video

Video of the ITU Gold Coast 2018 Age Group bike course

Two laps of the course.

Please bear in mind…

  • The course will be vehicle free so I couldn’t take the racing line (unless safe to do so).
  • As a competitor, you’ll be carrying a lot more speed in and out of the turns.
  • I edited out traffic lights as best I could.

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GC ITU 2018

Route and racing tips – ITU Gold Coast 2018 bike course

GC ITU 2018


ITU Gold Coast 2018 Strava route

Please use the link to download the GPX file from Strava. If you don’t have a premium Strava account leave a comment or contact me and I will send you the .gpx for your Garmin or alternative device.

Hints and tips:

  • Flat and fast so rear disk and deep section front will be okay.
  • Strong riders will benefit from large front rings and 23 cassette. Use your preferred TT combination.
  • Wind will play a role so check it on race day and adjust your pacing strategy accordingly. It’ll be headwind out to Paradise Point or vice versa.
  • Depending on race day barriers, ignore the road markings. Don’t get sucked into the bike lanes and everyday white lines (there are a lot).
  • Recce the transitions for mounting and dismounting.
  • Turnpoint at Paradise Point was not obvious. I would question the ITU map. Recce this.
  • Recce all lines in/out and through roundabouts.
  • Standard distance competitors should choose an early line (on the right-hand side) before the right hand into Steven St for the second lap.
  • Recce turns back on to GC highway as there are opportunities to hold good speed if you get this right.

If you’d like any more tips, please get in touch.

Have a great race!