UK Deca Ironman: 10 days to go…

The countdown begins…all my big blocks of training are complete and I am tapering before the start next Friday.

The nerves are starting to grow and I am busying myself making the final arrangements (buying tyres, inner tubes, chamois cream, etc.), adding content to the blog (please ask any questions below about the event, preparation, etc.). I even tried to fix the dishwasher to take my mind off things…bad idea..!!!

Now, we wash up by hand...oops!

Now, we wash up by hand…oops!

Because the event is so long I am going to burn a lot of calories. I did a lot of base training on the bike at low intensities throughout the Winter which has conditioned my body to burn fat more efficiently. In ultra endurance events of this kind it is not carbohydrate you need to worry about but eating enough fat. Takeaway pizza is my food of choice. So if you are coming to visit me at the event bring a large pizza, bbq wings, garlic bread and a tub of Haagen-Dazs all I ask is that you do not expect me to share it.

Before big events or key races I get nervous about becoming injured. As well as the money aspect, I have been training over six months for this event and the thought of tripping on a curb, getting stepped on by a large stiletto or being hit in the achilles with a shopping trolley in the supermarket frightens me – all of these have happened in the past. I do not wrap myself in cotton wool but it is on my mind. I do not really get ill so that does not bother me as much. I put that down to a balanced diet and regular exercise.