aaaarrrrggghhhhh – 2 days to go

Two days to go…

As always you have a long time to prepare and everything is in control but then nerves creep in and it feels like a rush.

During the event:

– you can follow me via a live tracking system.

– if you’re coming down to watch contact Rachael on: 07789860937

– if you’re driving down the sat nav postcode is: BH23 8EE. There is a car park for visitors. You won’t be able to use the main driveway as that will be part of the bike course. Any problems call Rachael and she’ll guide you in. BRING PIZZA..!!!

Deca Run Course

The Deca run course is picturesque but 26 laps per day (260 laps for the 10 day duration of the event) may just make this an interesting mental challenge as well.

The run course

The run course
From the run course...nice spot.

From the run course…nice spot.
Run Course

Run Course
Run course

Run course
Run Course

Run Course

Given the size of the grounds in which the event is taking place, I’m a bit surprised that a one mile lap was used. However, with it being a small event (in participant and spectator numbers) it will keep the event tight and support close.

My initial thoughts having just run around the one mile loop:

The course is not without its dangers too, which should make things interesting…

Canadian geese on the run course...they get really annoyed if you try to overtake..!

Canadian geese on the run course…they get really annoyed if you try to overtake..!

As well as the wildlife, there are other obstacles…not quite so large…

Beauty is only fern deep...below this...Enduro marbles..!

Beauty is only fern deep…below this…Enduro marbles..!
Enduro marbles...pack a sweeping brush..!

Enduro marbles…pack a sweeping brush..!
Enduro marbles...close up.

Enduro marbles…close up.

And last, but by no means least…

Oh yeah...and some roots for good measure :-)

Oh yeah…and some roots for good measure :-)