Open Water Swim Training with Wakefield Triathlon

To keep up with open water training whilst visiting family and friends up North, I contacted a coach/friend at Wakefield Triathlon Club.

The Club runs an open water swim session every Saturday at Pugney’s Country Parkjust off the M1 (Wakefield).

Wade, jump or dive in...

Wade, jump or dive in…

I was very impressed to see about 50 athletes (50:50 members and non-members) of all abilities turn out on a cold, wet, Saturday morning. I was also impressed by the organisation, warm welcome, briefing and safety considerations, including a rib in the water, two binocular armed spotters and walkie talkies.

Open Water Swimming at Pugney's Country Park, Wakefiled

Open Water Swimming at Pugney’s Country Park, Wakefiled

Open Water Swim Training

Now that the weather and more importantly the water, is getting warmer a few of us are going to Hampstead Ponds for some open water swim training after work.

Open Water Swim Training - Sighting

Open Water Swim Training – Sighting

Last week the temperature was 17C, we lasted about 25 minutes but if you wear two swim caps, neoprene socks/boots and go regularly you can build this up.

It’s a great venue…

Hampstead Pond - Mixed

Hampstead Pond – Mixed

Don’t expect to find towels, razors and deodorant in the changing rooms…

Changing Area - It's not your local gym..!

Changing Area – It’s not your local gym..!

Deca Swim Course

This is the lake that will host the Deca Swim Course. It will be a square circuit of just over 300m which means 12 laps or 120 laps over the course of the 10 day event.

It’s a beautiful course but does have its dangers:

A family of Canadian geese nesting in the swim exit..!

A family of Canadian geese nesting in the swim exit..!

I’m not sure this family of Canadian geese is going to appreciate triathletes thrashing around it’s lake.

Canadian geese set off to patrol the swim course

Canadian geese set off to patrol the swim course

Wraysbury Open Water Swim Training

Once upon a time, I’d be asleep at 7am on a Sunday morning the inevitable hangover waiting to pounce. Now, I’m on an early train heading for Wraysbury Dive Centre to coach recreational and triathlete swimmers. Such is the attraction of open water swimming.

I’ll be supporting Serpentine swim coach, Stephanie Ellis working with swimmers to improve their open water confidence, safety, sighting, drafting, swimming in a group, turning, entry and exits.

It’s very intimidating at first but with time and the right support swimming in fresh non-chlorinated waters makes the Sunday morning effort worthwhile. In fact, I find it difficult to get back in the pool during the week.

If you’d like to try open water swimming at a location around London then drop me a line.